Connect with who matters most.

SafetyNet Wireless understands that your family and friends are the most important people in the world to you and we want to make sure you never get disconnected. Safety and security are what we strive to give to every one of our customers. SafetyNet Wireless is keeping Florida and all other customers connected.

Are You “Safe at Home”?

Always stay connected.

With SafetyNet Wireless, you have no monthly bills and no contract. You receive unlimited minutes every month, unlimited text messaging and unlimited free data!

You must be 60 years old and show need to be eligible for this package.

Safe At Home


  • Customized Cell Phone with Case
  • Customized Tablet with Case
  • One Year of Unlimited Service (Minutes, Text, Data) Included

Our Prepaid cell phone plans provide great service at competitive rates. Get the right size plan for you. Our basic plan includes unlimited data which is everything you will ever need for those who use email, watch videos, listen to music, and browse the internet.

MADE FOR SENIOR CITIZENS: The SafetyNet “Safe at Home” wireless package is the ideal connectivity for those who are aging. A simple interface & easy connectivity makes it the perfect choice for families looking to stay connected.

KEEPING FAMILIES CONNECTED: The tablet and phone come with a custom-made, senior-friendly interface, applications, 24/7/365 customer support, free companion applications for Android and iOS, and a private network to share & connect.

4G LTE CONNECTED: The tablet and phone have built-in 4G LTE and is Wifi friendly. It provides easy internet access and voice and video calling options.

PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION: After the Free 2-Year Subscription ends, you may be eligible to continue the service or qualify for a low-rate plan and have full access to all applications, 4G LTE, 24/7/365 Support.

ACCESSIBILITY TOOLS: The SafetyNet “Safe at Home” wireless package user interface is developed for individuals with accessibility challenges. The icons are clear, clean & concise. The screen is bright, and the front-facing speakers play audio and music loudly & clearly.

CONVENIENT ACCESSORIES: This tablet and phone come with a stylus, and a durable case that keeps the tablet safe and protected. The tablet and phone also have wireless charging, which makes it effortless to keep this device powered