Tips for Living Alone with Early-Stage Dementia

These tips for people living alone with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia are designed to help people cope with changes in memory and thinking, prepare for the future, and stay active.


Now What? Next Steps After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Get information and resources about what to do and expect after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.


Paying for Care

How do people pay for long-term care? Learn about payment sources, including government programs, long-term care insurance, and other financing options.


Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease: A Resource List

Get resources about early-onset Alzheimer’s. Online materials discuss this rare neurodegenerative disease, legal/financial issues, and caregiving.


Legal and Financial Planning for People with Alzheimer’s

Find out when and how to start making legal and financial plans for someone with Alzheimer’s. Advance directive, will, and other terms are defined.


Home Safety Checklist for Alzheimer’s Disease

Get room-by-room home safety tips to keep a person with Alzheimer’s safe throughout the home, including the bathroom, living room, bedroom, and kitchen.