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This Swiss luxury replica watch brand is gone! Synonymous with rarities and more sophisticated models, Patek Philippe's fine watchmaking house is in vogue among collectors. This is partly due to the limited number of collectible fake watches that the Swiss watchmaker creates each year, which spends almost 9 months on its more classic models, not to mention complications or serious complications. It is even almost the only brand whose fake watch value increases over time, unlike most watches, which lose value on initial purchase.

How can this success be explained? Is it the luxurious understatement of fine Patek Philippe replica watches, a replica watch of almost incomparable quality or the long history of this family house inspires fake watch lovers to strive for every new creation? Let's take a look at the history, flagship models and current collection of this beautiful brand to learn more about the Patek Philippe watchmaker.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 5196P

These two aesthetic decisions are further proof of the talent of the Manufacture's designers. Both work, and the modest size of the caliber is generally overlooked, regardless of version 5196. However, replica Patek Philippe Sky Moon watches shouldn't stop there. The aesthetic gimmicks do not last long, and one day Patek Philippe will present a simple hand-wound movement with a diameter that matches the diameter of modern cases. Meanwhile, despite its small crown, the 215PS caliber rotates smoothly, and its performance is quite acceptable at 4 Hz and a power reserve of 44 hours. Of course, this is not visible for obvious aesthetic reasons. If the caliber itself is a pleasure to look at thanks to its finishes and beautiful cutout of the bridges, then finding it lost in the back of the case would not be much of a pleasure, especially for a manufactory of this level. The only solution needed is a solid foundation, and Patek Philippe did not hesitate.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007A

To celebrate the completion of its new production facility at the Plan-les-Ouates plant in Geneva, Patek Philippe has just unveiled this Calatrava in a limited edition of 1,000 40mm steel models with a unique design that will delight everyone. As you know, Patek Philippe has a habit of celebrating the most important dates in its history by publishing commemorative pieces in limited editions, bearing in mind only the famous Pagoda 5500 model and 5029 minute repeater, presented in the 1997 release of the official opening of the Plan-les-Ouates factory. And many others ...

To celebrate the commissioning of its new building, an imposing flagship dedicated to the creation, development and production of its replica watches (62,000 pieces a year, how many Nautilus is a mystery!), Patek Philippe remains true to tradition. offering a limited edition in an atypical style.

"Blasphemy!" - the most purists will say. "It's Patek in jeans!" Rare, of course, but special. The 6007A-001 combines the more classic side of Patek Philippe with its sportier side. In other words, this is Calatrava from the point of view of Nautilus, the brand's most successful line and the most attractive of the new generations. A stylish exercise that helps us guess where production will go in the future.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Let's start with the well-known model: Nautilus. Designed by Gerald Genta in 1976, this replica watch continues the luxury sports fake watch concept introduced by the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. The story goes that the designer would have made the first sketch in a few minutes in a restaurant, watching the windows and their hinges in the style of an ocean liner. The first model, called the Jumbo, was 42 mm wide, a huge size for the time, with an octagonal bezel and a strap built into the case. Its one-piece construction was water resistant to 120 meters, and the movement was mounted on the dial. Originally animated with movements signed by Jaeger-LeCoultre, but decorated and later equipped with an internal balance, movements designed by Patek Philippe appeared in 1980. The first complication (besides the date window) became known in 1998 with the help of the power reserve indicator. In 2006, the range was completely renewed to mark the 30th anniversary of the model. Since then, new complications have emerged, such as a chronograph, an annual calendar or even GMT.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 3944J

At one time, small gold imitation watches were in vogue even at Patek Philippe. One of these replica watches is part of the Calatrava series: 3944J. Thanks to the quartz movement, this 33 mm watch is very thin and precise. The Calatrava has always been the quintessential men's dress replica watch, and the 3944J is no exception. It is no longer in production, but the closest to the Calatrava in the current collection is the 5119J in caliber 215 PS. This yellow gold model with a small seconds counter and a Clous de Paris bezel is immediately associated with Calatrava. As the trend towards quartz replica watches and small cases is no longer relevant, the 3944J remains relatively affordable.

Blancpain has a staggering 740 pieces in the Blancpain 1735, and its complications include a tourbillon, split-second chronograph, perpetual calendar, and minute repeater. The high quality replica Rolex Oyter Bracelet is mainly focused on the manufacture of simple three-hand fake watches, which means that the assembly of the replica watches takes less time (around 4 hours). Compare this to a Patek Philippe, which can take 4-8 years to present.

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