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The brand is synonymous with excellence and belongs to a very narrow circle of historic high watchmaking brands. The manufacture, now based in Plan-le-Ouate, has always demonstrated a strong ability to innovate, attested by over 70 patents registered since 1845 (precision regulator, perpetual calendar, double chronograph, gyroscope balance, mechanical movement with peripheral rotor, etc.). In addition, he has always demonstrated an impeccable mastery of watchmaking techniques in accordance with the oldest traditions of Swiss watchmaking. One of the most striking examples is the order of Henry Graves, a wealthy New York banker who in 1925 wanted to wear the most complicated fake watch in the world. With 3 years of research and development, followed by 5 years of production, this replica watch, equipped with 24 complications and dubbed the Henry Graves Supercomplication, will be the most complex in the world for almost 50 years, but also the most expensive sold at auction versus 17.7 million for Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona). Now let's move on to more specific examples that represent the main brand models (or rather, collections, since there are many variations for each). Here is a quick presentation of 4 iconic models signed by replica Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007A

This new Calatrava 6007A-001 immediately stands out for its (also?) Impressive 40 mm case (water resistance up to 30 meters) and large convex polished steel bezel - a rare material in the fake Patek Philippe collections and especially the most sought after. connoisseurs; these products usually “hit the shelves” in showrooms. The dial design also features an original dynamic dial. Whereas the “railroad” hour circle with triangular indexes and perforated hour / minute “batons” are reminiscent of the Calatrava 6006 with date and small seconds (in the collection since 2017), the integration of the automatic caliber 324 SC with the Date window at 3 ?And the presence of overhead Arabic numerals introduce new geometry.

The color of the dial also adds a new touch with a subtle gray-blue hue, enhanced by a satin circular brushing that contrasts beautifully with the white indicators and printed numerals and large hands. in white gold with luminescent coating. The dial is also notable for its textured centerpiece with a carbon motif, a reference to a high-tech spirit that enhances the play of light. Another highlight: The calfskin strap with white stitching and buckle has been subtly engraved to create a “weave” effect - a look that, thanks to the relief and color, matches the center of the dial.

Patek Philippe fake traditionally celebrates important events with a limited edition. The premiere of the new manufactory is no exception. And this is Calatrava, the same collection that has been in the house's catalog since 1932. But this is a different Calatrava. The first thing that catches your eye about the Calatrava 6007A-001 is its steel construction. This is a very rare material that can be found in the company's links besides the Nautilus and Aquanaut sports cars. The dial is also much more original than usual. On it we see a minute-hand scale with triangular indices, embossed Arabic numerals, or that curious decoration of the central disc called "carbon" in the house. They even took the liberty of covering the hands and numbers with luminescent material, which was unthinkable even a few years ago in the mention of Calatrava. Finally, there is a braided calfskin strap with blue trim.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167A

Aquanaut was introduced in 1997 as Nautilus to a younger audience. Equipped with the same movement as the Nautilus, the Aquanaut has a sporty design. For example, the 5167A-001 has a rubber strap for a sporty look. Although Aquanaut was once considered the Nautilus of the poor, attitudes have changed since then. Aquanaut luxury replica watches sale are now in the same league as Nautilus and demand is relatively high. The Aquanaut is available in a large number of models, some of which are equipped with a chronograph or GMT function. But the standard version is still a bestseller on Chrono24. It is equipped with caliber 324 S C, which is also used in the Nautilus 5711 / 1A. If Aquanaut is not as iconic as Nautilus, his followers only increase day by day.

Initially water resistant to 100 meters, this automatic replica watch was created by Rolex in consultation with several competent experts. Among them was the aforementioned Rolex employee and sports diver Jeanneret, who gave a lot of advice on the visual design of the case, dial and extremely useful rotating ring, which at that time could still be adjusted in both directions to determine the time remaining under water.

The watchmaking world has been competing for years over who can create the thinnest mechanical cheap replica watches. More recently, Piaget made it fun by showcasing a concept watch fake two years ago that some felt could not be mass-produced. But Piaget can: The Altiplano Ultimate Concept is a full two millimeters high, also because it eliminates the separation between the movement and the case, and the base (made of cobalt alloy) is incorporated into the design of the movement. The customer can choose up to 10,000 possible combinations of colors and surface properties. So the products of the series remain completely unique. Hand-wound, diameter 41 millimeters.

In the 1858 collection, Montblanc uses the design language of the historic Minerva replica watches, a traditional manufacturer that is now part of the company. The colors and materials match the gear of the early climbers and adventurers. The new "1858 Automatic 24H" with a bronze bezel looks a bit like a historic measuring instrument and is a fitting instrument. Since a single hour hand takes 24 hours to rotate, it can be used to easily determine the cardinal points while the sun is shining. Signs and numbers light up on the bivouac at night. Automatic machine, stainless steel, diameter 42 mm.

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